Greg’s Personal Training Philosophy

Hi, I’m Greg Murphy, owner of Primitive Athlete.

Personal Training

I have a passion for fitness and training and love to share it with others in hopes that I might guide them towards improved health and quality of life. I combine my love of fitness and helping others and deliver it to the Greater Philadelphia area through Primitive Athlete, my advanced personal training studio in Ridley Park, PA. From the science of fitness and nutrition to the lifestyle benefits of being healthy, I’m convinced that everyone can grow to love personal training if they can find a program they enjoy.

My History

I have been training in the martial arts for over 25 years. At age 9 I started boxing, and at age 15 I started studying more efficient concepts of unarmed/armed training. Martial arts training specializes in neutralizing violent opposition by using direct, efficient motion.  I have been teaching self-defense out of my personal training studio for over 15 years. I started doing personal training at age 20, completing my first certification course at Cabrini College for Strength and Conditioning. I specialize in athletic performance enhancement, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, weight loss, and body building. I have also studied alternative medicine and holistic nutrition at the American College Of Healthcare Sciences.

My Philosophy on Personal Training and Nutrition

My approach to personal training is uniquely customized to each of my client’s specific goals. Everyone has a different level of physical ability, and I tailor my recommendations to age, fitness, health, and injury considerations. I use certain styles of exercise and movement to support proprioception and cognitive function, along with varying motions and movements, the instruction of proper form, and strength and conditioning strategies. Whether you want to learn self-defense, improve your athletic performance, get stronger and build muscle, or rehab an injury, I will help you reach your goal, carefully and properly, through a customized personal training program.

When it comes to nutrition, I recommend whole foods that are organic, grass-fed, and free of unnatural chemicals and hydrogenated oils. I believe in healthy fats, low carbohydrate intake, and avoiding processed foods. I take a holistic approach to nutrition and overall health by encouraging small lifestyle changes that go beyond diet choices and meal plans. Even common household cleaning products can have a significant impact on our bodily health.

You can read more about Primitive Athlete’s services and philosophies by visiting our personal training services page and our nutrition page. I look forward to working with you soon!

Greg Murphy Primitive Athlete Personal Training Studio Ridley Park, PA

Greg Murphy, his fiancee, Kait, and their son, Gabriel

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