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Primitive Athlete’s personal training services specialize in helping athletes attain specific, ultimate athletic performance enhancement for their preferred sport. We understand the goals, demands, and fitness needs of various sports and specific types of athletes. Below are just a few of the types of athletes we’ve worked with:

  • MMA fighters
  • Wrestlers
  • Boxers
  • Football players
  • LaCrosse players
  • Basketball players
  • Baseball players
  • Track & Field athletes


Primitive Athlete’s personal training services can help you meet your fitness goals: we specialize in general weight loss through customized exercise and holistic nutrition programs. Some of our focuses are on strength and conditioning, martial arts and self defense, plyometric exercise, proprioceptive movement, and body building. We recommend individualized nutrition programs based on your health goals and fitness regimen. Examples of tailored meal plans include those for women in menopause, for body builders, for wrestlers, and more. Visit our Personal Training Philosophy page for more information.


With over 15 years of experience, Primitive Athlete has had tremendous success with injury rehab and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, even when doctors offered surgery as the only option to our clients. Many people are afraid to exercise or even resume normal physical activity after sustaining an injury or receiving a life-changing diagnosis. Primitive Athlete can help you understand that exercise is an integral component of overall physical health and recovery. We’ll work with you, at the right pace, to help you through your injury rehab or health problem. We’ve helped people with chronic health issues and severe injuries through our numerous injury rehab and health-conscious programs. The list includes:

  • Injury rehab and rehab from surgery: Knee replacements, bone fusions, and more
  • Injury rehab: Torn rotator cuffs, bulging and herniated discs, and more
  • Chronic ailment rehab: COPD & emphysema and others

Primitive Athlete personal training services and weight lossWhether you’re struggling with health problems, injuries, meeting your weight loss goals, or just want to improve your athletic performance and overall physical health, contact us today to get started with personal training services that can change your life!

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