The Importance of Periodization Training

Ever feel like your workouts are at a stand-still? If you’re an athlete, are you faster and stronger than you were six months ago? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, it may be time to try a periodization training program.

Post-Workout Nutrition: Window of Opportunity?

When it comes to post-workout nutrition, it has been drilled in our heads that we need to take advantage of this magical “window of opportunity” to reap the full benefits of strength training. But is it true?

Nutrition During Menopause

The nutritional needs for women in menopause are important to understand. As women reach the time in their lives where their bodies stop producing estrogen, their physical makeup and needs begin to change.

Nutritional Supplementing - Good or Bad?

Are supplements good or bad for us? We hear so many conflicting things about taking them, so what should we understand and look for when purchasing a supplement? Let’s start by looking at the supplement industry itself.

Welcome to Primitive Athlete

Primitive Athlete asks: Do you know the difference between training and exercise?

Understanding the difference gives you control over your approach to your health. Which path will you take?

The Difference Explained

With training, you are motivated by a specific goal and stay focused. It includes intensity, and a desire to be better every workout. Training measures feedback and progress. Without accountability, anything else is just plain exercise.

Exercise alone lacks specific goals and real purpose. It is done for the sake of burning calories, and often lacks intensity and drive. It frequently consists of the same routine day in and day out, or a random choice of familiar movements that aren't overly challenging. With exercise, workouts tend to feel like a chore and are often inconsistent.

Which do you prefer?

Are you one of those people who just does it for the burn and the sweat, to see your FitBit tell you that you burned some calories? Or are you striving to make real progress that improves your bodily health with every workout? The choice is yours!

Welcome to Primitive Athlete:

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